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2019 - 2020


UAL Art Collection


Apurva Srihari


UAC 1015

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Srihari studied MA Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts.

She asks us to imagine textiles which could improve the biodiversity around us, improve soil conditions and enable us to be sustainable by growing our own food at the end of the textile object's functional life; or a 'green curtain' for interiors that would let sunlight shine through in winters and provide shade in summers. How would the world look if we could engage and participate in the lifecycle of textiles and eventually become a part of an ecological circle?

Srihari's project is an experimental journey that brings together seeds and textiles: two essential life elements that are rarely seen together. It explores the concept of compostable textiles, user engagement, and the value of having them in our own surroundings rather than in landfills. The work comprises a series of woven textiles, embedding locally sourced seeds in wool, linen, and paper yarns.

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