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About UAL Digital Collections 

What is it? 

Digital Collections is the gateway to digital objects and collections at UAL, held across the University’s archives, museum and libraries.  Digital Collections presents these digital objects for discovery and use as a resource for teaching, learning and engagement at UAL and beyond.  

What will I find in Digital Collections? 

You will find digital objects held across UAL's archives, museum and libraries.  

This includes digital objects created from our physical collections, created through digitisation or photography. Also, born-digital objects, such as digital artworks, film and moving image recordings, and more. 

We can’t digitise everything due to legal, technical and other constraints.  These digital objects are a small proportion of our entire collections, which we continue to manage and make available at our physical sites.  

You will find further descriptions of our collections in the LibraryMuseum and Archive catalogues. 

What’s new about this website? 

Many of these digital objects have not been available online before now, or were only accessible physically, in one of UAL’s archives, museum or libraries.  Digital Collections brings together a selection of UAL’s digital objects, for the first time.   

Digital Collections brings together digital objects and collections so that you can discover them and be inspired by them; finding connections across collections and objects that you might not have known about before.  

A filtered search lets you discover objects of interest to you, eg. by medium such as glass, ceramics, wood.  Or discover objects by one creator in many collections.  When you search, Digital Collections will show you related works that might also interest you.  

How can I use what I discover in Digital Collections? 

You can use these digital objects under the terms of the licences that are applied to each one. You can download copies and embed these copies in your scholarly work, or in social media, as long as you credit the creator.  You can change some objects within your creative practice; other objects cannot be altered.  The terms of the licence are clearly linked to each object.  You cannot make money from any of these digital objects. For more information, please see the Creative Commons website. 

Further information can be found in the terms and conditions of the site. 

Who can I ask for help? 

For any enquiries relating to Digital Collections, its contents, or how to access these digital objects, or physical collections, please email