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  • Thumbnail image for item Chelsea Slides Collection - Best of 1966-2000
    Work by a Chelsea College student, from 1966. R, Ward, photographer unknown, ref number CCAD/1/1/1/31
    Chelsea Slides Collection - Best of 1966-2000

    Best of 1966-2000 curated by Assistant Archivist Madeleine Shanks

  • Thumbnail image for item The Obscured Weaver
    'Beige Wool and Multi-coloured Cotton Pile Weave' by Barbara Sawyer, The Barbara Sawyer Archive (BSY/3/1/1/39)
    The Obscured Weaver

    A collection of weaves and placemats made by obscured weaver Barbara Sawyer.

  • Thumbnail image for item Graphic Design Education
    Detail from Tom Eckersley poster celebrating '100 Years Of Printing Education' (object reference TE/2/1/1/1)
    Graphic Design Education

    Collection of posters designed by Tom Eckersley for the London College of Printing.

  • Thumbnail image for item Alt. Fibres
    UAL, London College of Fashion
    Alt. Fibres

    Alternative sustainable fibres in the Katharine Hamnett Sustainable Fabric Archive.

  • Thumbnail image for item Sustainability
    Mending Portraits by Andrea Hsiang-En Liu (2018)

    Curated collection exploring sustainability across UAL's collections.