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15 Nov 2021


Lindsay Cooper



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Creative Commons License:

o Fiedermans, LC01067

o Fiedermans notebook, B70009

o Colony, LC01091

o As She Breathes Lyrics, LC01092, LC01266

o As She Breathes, LC01093

o As She Breathes - short part, LC01094

o As She Breathes for Piano, LC01095

o Domestic Bliss, LC01096

o Domestic Bliss - Newsreel, LC01097

o Elegy, LC01098

o Exchange, LC01099

o From Morning to Midnight, LC01100

o Next Century for Piano, LC01101

o Music for Other Occasions Parts and Sketches, LC01102

o Plate Dance for Piano, LC01103

o They're Moving In; Speed of Light; Speed of Light; They're Moving In; As She Breathes; Belfast; LC01104

o Speed of Light, LC01106

o Who Knows, LC01107

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