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This file contains information posters signed by Eckersley.

The first features the slogan 'Address your letters plainly' and was commissioned by HM Stationery Office for the General Post Office, it features an image of an envelope and a pen in the middle of the text, the word letter is on the envelope, 1942 The colours used are red, sky blue, black and cream. Measures, 106cm by 21cm. Printed by Johnson Riddles and Co Ltd.

The second features the slogan 'You can join the regular air force...think it over'. The central image features the numbers 7-3 in a diagonal across the page, each number is in black with a red box around on a shaded background of blue and grey. Under the 3 is the word 'For' and either side of the 7 the words 'or' and 'years'. Both posters use colours that have been graded from dark to light tones. Measures, 76cm by 51cm. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. See also TE/1/4x.

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