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c. 1951-1976


Harold King



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Black and white photographic print and record card for a single display case from the Circulating Design Scheme.

The image and record card relate to the Modern British Glass, Pottery, Metal, Wood and Textiles display. The record card captures tour dates and locations, object lists (including stock numbers and descriptions) and supplier information.

Schools taking part in the Circulating Design Scheme received a reference photograph and a record card for each individual case. Reference photographs were used as a visual inventory, allowing the contents of each display to be checked. Record cards were used to transcribe details of the tour programme and record key exhibit information.

The photograph was produced by photographer Harold King in his Surrey based Studio.

To the reverse of the print is the photographer’s stamp (including photograph reference number: 18611).

The record card was in use from 1970 - 1976.

The photograph and record card were found affixed to one another and have been left this way. A slip of scrap paper was attached to the material and has been kept alongside them.

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