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Dated January 1906 on verso of half-title.

Grey-green endpapers signed TM, with a design of entwined stems and a scatter of roses on background and stems. Limp crimson leather. Design in gilt (on front cover and spine only): an outline cross flanked top and bottom by flames, with a fifth flame inthe top centre of the cross itself; at the head of the cross an outline circle with a smaller blocked circle resting on its base; hanging from the small blocked circle a downward pointing form with curved sides; springing from each side of the base, an inward-curving stem bearing a bud; overlapping the foot of the cross a modified heart (or reniform shape) blocked in gold. On the spine, the title or author or both in architectural sans serif capitals punctuated with inverted tear-drops, the top and bottomdecorated with a simplified version of the cross motif. Unsigned (LO/C32). LO/C32. From the collection of David Rodger xli, 444 pages, frontispiece (portrait) ; 16cm.

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